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  24。 A。 They tend to be self-assured and responsible

53、【D】lookeddeserted in the evenings.



  Lecture 1

46、【D】he riskedbraking local law to make a drink with coca leaves.

  19。 B。 Dr。 Gong slipped in needles where he felt no pain

52、【B】They haveseen a rise in property price.

  9。 B。 Decoding secret message。

16.【答案】D) They choose ajob without thinking it through.

  3。 B。 It is mainly made of vegetables。


  20。 D。 previous medical treatments failed to relieve his pain

15.【答案】D. It promotedthe growth of national languages.


10.【答案】D. Their bodyshapes have not changed much.

  15。 D。 The tremendous changes new technology will bring to people’s lives。

Bring what has been discussed intoconsideration, respect matters in people’s mutual relationship. Respectingothers shows one’s good upbringing and parenting. The more you respect others,the more you will be respected.

  Lecture 2

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  16。 C。 it linked a stone pit to some waterways

49、【A】It was sodesigned as to create addiction in consumers.

  18。 A。 to provide services for the stone pit。

7.【答案】C.Credit it toher account.

  4。 D。 It comes from a special kind of pig。

25.【答案】D) They havelower mortality rates.

  23。 C。 Neither of them has any sisters and brothers

19.【答案】B) It is acultural festival founded for African-Americans.

  12。 C。 A lot of knowledge-intensive jobs will be replaced。

Passage 1

  5。 C。 They do not make decent gifts。

6.【答案】D.Priceadjustment within seven days of purchase.




Passage One

  25。 D。 they tend to be well adjusted

  1. Checking phones at dinners is nowaccepted as normal but not belching.

  1。 A。 It is a Spanish soup

18.【答案】A) Thequalifications you have.

  8。 C。 It is Italy’s most famous type of red wine。


  13。 D。 In the personal care sector。

Part II Listening Comprehension


Actually, all men are born to be equal andrespect or esteem is the basic need of men. In other words, people cannot livefreely and comfortably without others’ respect or esteem. Taking a look aroundwe can also find examples too many to enumerate. Don’t make a joke with others,like appearance, social status, health conditions, since everyone has the rightto be respected as a member of the society. It is also a respectable behaviorthat there is no interruption when others are talking or doing work. Withoutrespect, it is hard for one to gain friendship, confidence, trust and evenhappiness.



  11。 A。 A military code that was never broken。

23.【答案】A) It is one of

  17。 B。 saws used for cutting stone


  14。 B。 They charge high prices。


  Lecture 3

Recording 2

  7。 A。 They go well with different kinds of food。

  1. Online services are so designed thatthe more they are used, the more profit they generate.

太阳集团娱乐网址,  10。 D。 They helped the U.S。 army in World War Two。


  21。 C。 more and more patients ask for the treatment

9.【答案】A. They are thin,tall, and unlike real human beings.

  6。 D。 $30-$40



11.【答案】C. On theInternet.

  2。 C。 To make it thicker。

  1. C emergency

  2. D feeding

  3. K reproduces

  4. I originated

  5. G handful

  6. F halted

  7. L security

  8. N unchecked

  9. A dependent

  10. J reduction

  22。 B。 they quarreled a lot and never resolved their argument

Section C

the world’s most healthy diets.

Directions: For this part, you are allowed30 minutes to write a short easy commenting on the saying “Respect others, andyou will be respected.” You can cite examples to illustrate your views. Youshould write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

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Recording 1

太湖是中国东部的一个淡水湖,占地面积2250平方公里,是中国第三大淡水湖,仅次于鄱阳和洞庭。太湖约有90个岛屿,大小从几平方米到几平方公里不等。太湖以其独特的“太湖石”而闻名,太湖石常用于装饰中国传统园林。太湖也以高产的捕鱼业闻名。自上世纪70年代后期以来,捕捞鱼蟹对沿湖的居民来说极为重要,并对周边地区的经济作出了重大贡献。太湖地区是中国陶瓷(ceramics)业基地之一,其中宜兴的陶瓷厂家生产举世闻名的宜兴紫砂壶(clay teapot)。

47、【C】Many wereshipped to Europe in the late 19th century for medicinal use.

Section B

51、【C】There was aclear divide between large and small cities.

21.【答案】B) The first fruitsof the harvest.

Long Conversation 2

54、【C】modernizedhousing and improved infrastructure.

A saying goes that “respect others, and youwill be respected”. Simple as the saying is, its meaning is profound andthought-provoking. Evidently, it is meant to tell us that being respected byothers is derived from respecting others.

17.【答案】B) Find out whatjob choices are available.

55、【D】better jobopportunities.

5.【答案】B.It has justlaunched its annual anniversary sales.

  1. To make proper use of technology, weshould not only increase our awareness of how it is changing but also how it isimpacting us.
  1. The Internet is regarded by some asdesigned to distract our attention.

22.【答案】A) They recite aprinciple.

48、【A】Cocainebecame notorious.

50、【A】the evolutionof Coca-Cola.

  1. Most of us find it hard to focus on ourimmediate tasks because of Internet distractions.

  2. B

  3. When one person starts checking theirphone, the others will follow suit.

Section A选词填空

3.【答案】D.It has bannedsupermarkets from dumping edible food.

Long Conversation 1

Section C

Recording 3


  1. The great majority of smartphone usersdon’t take the trouble to adjust their settings to suit their own purposes.
  1. The author admits using technology asan escape from the task at hand.

2.【答案】B.It passed a lawaiming to stop overproduction.

  1. White-collar workers check email roundthe clock because it is required by their employers.

14.【答案】B. It boosted thecirculation of popular works.

24.【答案】C) It is regardedas one of the greatest researchers of its kind.

20.【答案】C) To helpAfrican-Americans to realize their goals.

Passage Two

Taihu Lake, a freshwater lake located inthe eastern part of China with an area of 2250 square kilometers, is the thirdlargest freshwater lake in China, next to Poyang Lake and Dongting Lake. Thereare about 90 islands in Taihu Lake ranging in size from a few square meters toa few square kilometers. Taihu Lake is famous for “Taihu Stone”, which is oftenused in decorating traditional Chinese gardens. Taihu Lake is also famous forhigh-yielding fishing industry. Since the late of 1970s, the catching of fishesand crabs has been of great significance to the residents nearby, which is alsoa significant contributor to the local economy. Taihu region is one of theChinese ceramics bases, of which the world-famous Yixing clay teapot is producedby Yixing's ceramic manufacturers.

Part I Writing

8.【答案】D. Complimentarytailoring.

4.【答案】A.the confusionover food expiration labels.

Section B Who’s Really Addicting You toTechnology?

Passage 2

1.【答案】C. Theyfacilitate the donation of unsold food to the needy.

Section A

12.【答案】A. Moveable metaltype began to be used in printing.

  1. The author attributes his techaddiction chiefly to his habit of putting off doing what he should do rightaway.

13.【答案】B. It was thebiggest printer in the 16th century.


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